Special mission vehicles for highly covert operations to complex and varied security, reconnaissance and intelligence missions

Command and Control vehicles

Capable for information gathering and command centers. The vehicles are equipped with state-of-art audio and visual intelligence equipment, as well as a full range of command and control equipment, enabling real-time decision-making in the field. Information can be transmitted in real-time via a cellular or satellite network.

Applications: counter-terrorism and crime prevention, law enforcement agencies.

Rapid Communication Vehicles

Delivering on-site, autonomous, end-to-end mobile broadband multimedia network solutions, including voice dispatching, data transmission, video surveillance, and other communication services for the surrounding areas.

Applications: disaster recovery, VIP convoys, anti-terror units.

Multi-Purpose Intelligence Vehicles

Fitted with sophisticated day/night vision systems capable of gathering and analyzing multisource audio-visual intelligence. Data is instantaneously relayed to HQ using the vehicle’s cellular and satellite communications capabilities. Real-time decision-making and secure communications with feld operatives is enabled via the vehicle’s sophisticated command and control equipment.

Observation and Reconnaissance Vehicles

Offering comprehensive visual observation by means of a wide array of video monitoring activities. Built on a 4×4 platform to enable offroad capabilities, the vehicles serve as a mobile observation post for long-range coverage. The vehicles support real-time Observation and Reconnaissance Vehicle cellular and/or satellite dissemination to remote HQ or monitoring units.

VIP vehicle protection through jamming

Jammers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that transmits unique noise signals to create a frewall, effectively neutralizing and jamming wireless receivers for remote explosive activation.